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Grit and Work Rules

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So, what matters for making it through Beast?

Not your SAT scores, not your high school rank, not your leadership experience, not your athletic ability.

Not your Whole Candidate Score.

What matters is grit.

Grit, Angela Duckworth


But in 2010, our analyses revealed that academic performance didn’t predict job performance beyond the first two or three years after college, so we stopped requiring grades and transcripts except from recent graduates.

Work Rules, Laszlo Bock


두 문단에서 섣불리 결론을 내리고 싶지는 않다. 하지만 적어도 학력과 성적만으로 줄 세우는 멍청한 결정을 내려서는 안 된다고 생각한다.


[Link 1. ‘Work Rules’]


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[Image 1]


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April 15, 2017 at 9:29 pm

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